We have a lot going on this fall and we want you to be a part of it.

For the month of October there are plenty of cool events we would love to see you involved in.

October 11 – Monthly Prayer Breakfast (8:30 AM)

October 16 – Senior Rally at Boone’s Creek CC (9 AM)

October 19 – Heritage Day (10:45 AM)

October 21 – New Beginnings widow/widower ministry (12:30 PM), Carter County Men’s Fellowship at Pinecrest CC (7 PM)

October 29 – Trunk or Treat, rain or shine (6-8 PM)

There is also plenty going on with our youth and children’s classes during the month of October too!  During Children’s Church (Sunday mornings), our kids are learning about “Zombies of the Bible”.  It’s nothing too scary, but we are certainly talking about some weird guys and girls that met Jesus when they were at their scariest!  Also on Sunday evenings, we are continuing our series about “Small People, Big Stories”.  These are people in the Bible you may or may not have heard of, but have a big story to tell.  For the month of October, we will be studying the book of Jonah.  Remember on October 19th, classes for our children’s church will begin on Sunday evenings.  On Wednesday nights in October, our Children’s church is continuing their series on the Lord’s prayer and our Teens are continuing to walk through “Faith that Sticks”.  Beginning on October 19th (and continuing on each Sunday and Wednesday evening), Teens and Children will meet for classes in the Fellowship Hall to begin each service!

For the month of November there is still plenty more going on and we want you to be a part of it!

November 2 – Don’t forget to set your clocks, daylight savings ends

November 4 – Don’t forget to get out and vote! Election Day!

November 18 – New Beginnings widow/widower minister (12:30 PM), Carter County Men’s Fellowship here at Borderview! (7 PM)

November 23 – Church wide Thanksgiving Dinner following morning worship and annual Thanksgiving give*

November 30 – Youth Sunday, special music and service brought to the congregation by the youth

*The Thanksgiving give is a special monetary drive that goes to help meet the insurance costs of the church and other special projects that have come to the church.  Each year a goal of roughly $5000.00 is set.

Also for you younger folks who want to join in with our youth and children, November marks the beginning of Christmas program rehearsals.  This year our kids will be performing a program entitled “Unfrozen”.  If you have a child that would love to be in the program please come out for our practices on Sunday and Wednesday evenings.  During the month of November, our children will be going through a series called “Give Thanks” during their children’s church time on Sunday morning.

For the month of December and through the craziness of the seasons (although it is technically still fall, but more like winter), we want you to join us for our holiday festivities, for which some are still incomplete.

December 7 – Christmas musical presented by the Adult Choir, “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” (10:45 AM & 4:00 PM), no evening services, but children’s and youth program practice still being held

December 14 – Children’s program, “Unfrozen” (6 PM)

December 21 – Children’s and Youth Christmas Party (6 PM)

December 24 – Christmas Eve Candlelight Service (7 PM)

There are still several events happening in December that we want you to be a part of, but at this time those details are incomplete, but will be posted soon!

October Serving List

October 5

Sunday School Nursery – Christy Burrough, Worship Nursery – Michele and Myra Fisher

Worship Planner – Ray Don Markland

Greeters – Al and Margaret King

Sound and Projection – Steve and Christy Burrough

Communion Meditation – Andrew Norman

Offering Prayer – Joel Norris

Communion to Sick and Shut-In – Lawrence Ritchie and Jody Crowe

October 12

Sunday School Nursery – Suzette Markland, Worship Nursery – Megan Street and Linda Espino

Worship Planner – Joel Norris

Greeters – Susie Warren and Linda Sue Elliot

Sound and Projection – Debbie Morton and Judy Vance

Communion Meditation – Chris Timmons

Offering Prayer – Ray Don Markland

Communion to Sick and Shut-In – Joel Norris and Raymond Morton

October 19 – Heritage Day

Sunday School Nursery – Sharron Davis, Worship Nursery – Christy Burrough and Leia Hays

Worship Planner – Worship Team

Greeters – Charlotte Markland and Gloria Davis

Sound and Projection – Conner Hall and Brandy Jones

Communion Meditation – Conner Hall

Offering Prayer – Ray Markland

Communion to Sick and Shut-In – Ray and Ray Don Markland

October 26

Sunday School Nursery – Shirley Hughes, Worship Nursery – Kim Sams and Savannah Blevins

Worship Planner – Scott Reynolds

Greeters – Joel Norris and Barb Smith

Sound and Projection – Debbie Morton and Conner Hall

Communion Meditation – Paul Dickison

Offering Prayer – Scott Fisher

Communion to Sick and Shut-In – Scott Reynolds and Paul Dickison